Why I am Here (a note to strays of the undying web)


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Hello wonderful people!

I thought a good starter-post would be to explain what I am going to be throwing out there and perhaps why.

With my A-level results pending in Art, Maths, Product Design and Physics I can most definitely say my thoughts are quite preoccupied with failure. However the recent event of me turning 18 has zapped this (freckled, bruised-eyed, tea-dependent) student into a state of panic: only 0<52.34521 years to go… My hopes for the near future are for Architecture at university, yet my biggest hope is to learn how to do things – real things. Through this blog I wish to look at, art, gender and sexuality, scientific innovation, the future, empathy, sadness, anxiety etc. Quite a mix-bag, though I swear they will come together.


The Masked Dream – LittleMissNoface

Looking forward I can imagine my posts being primarily about art. Expect me to post my own art, techniques, advice and some artwork recommendations. I am particularly interested by concept driven pieces which allow the medium to vary greatly! From dance to acrylic inks to gouache to film!

Some of my favourite artists include Takato Yamamoto, Tejal Shah, Hans Bellmer, Merce Cunningham and Suehiro Maruo.

If there is something which you are struggling with message me and I might do a post or point you in the right direction.


Gender Binary

I enjoy filling my brain with the latest science journals and theories, though I also take an interest in past ideas, such as Postgenderism. Currently I am reading a rather interest book: ‘Like a Virgin‘ by Aarathi Prasad, her idea is strangely intriguing.

Two areas of interest which I seem to read the most about are gender and sexuality. I wish to post ideas for discussion and also try to bring higher amounts of science into the discussion of gender and sexuality. Not just of humans but for animal sexuality too, seeing how this affects the species and the linkage to intelligent life.


My design for a renewable energy sculpture for East Park in Hull. Done in Google Sketch-up.

My design for a renewable energy sculpture for East Park in Hull. Done in Google Sketch-up.

When studying design in my Product Design lessons I have become increasing concerned by the role of the designer. All designers are in such a position of power and hold so much responsibility and influence over their target market, and society. With this in mind I look to myself and wonder if I ever look at the bigger picture. The posts I make here should try help people open their eyes beyond themselves, to be empathetic and take a step away from your life to see if you are spending your time wisely. Life is so short and we are all so small.

I will probably do a post soon on evaluating how you spend your time in a typical week and enable you to see if this is how you wish to spend your life and give suggestions on how to cut out pointless things.


“From truth and beauty to comfort and happiness.”

‘Brave New World’ – Aldous Huxley

Chastity Belt – LittleMissNoface.

You see those people who seem to be living in eternal ecstasy, always happy, always content. After many attempts I have realised I will never be one of them…

Years of trying to attain this lifestyle has left me drained and continually unfulfilled, and well deeper in this ‘pit of sadness’. I concluded that it was time for me to accept, and embrace the depressed me…

The quote above is from the book ‘Brave New World‘, an amazing book, which really sums up one of the book’s major themes: truth cannot coexist with contentment. Being in dark places urges and impels you to search for the light, it drives you, and without the contentment you become hungry for something more. It leaves gaping voids for passion and greedy ambition.  

So here I am to tell you that swimming in pits of melancholy is not something to be ashamed of! (Assuming that you do of course, otherwise good luck with being content.) Sorrow can be a great asset if you use it just right and I look forward to showing you how.

Nevertheless, dealing with sadness, anxiety can be horrible and especially if alone! I want to be here for serious discussion and perhaps someone to talk to about issues or feeling low!

Contradictions in my mouth

Contradictions in my mouth

That’s what I’ll be diving into so I hope something will be there to interest you!

Bye-bye must run,

LittleMissNoface +x+x+


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